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What size does Bullion come in?

Posted on April 19, 2023

There are many different sizes and types when it comes to bullion. Gold, being of higher value will have many more sizes such as fractional coins and smaller minted bars which are usually in grams. Silver, most commonly will start around 1oz and have variations up from there, commonly 10 oz and 1 kg although, others do exist and are too many to mention. Bullion will generally fall into one of 3 categories. The difference is in appearance and manufacturing process rather than a difference in the purity of metal itself which must be stamped on each item along with its weight in order to be considered bullion. This will be either (9999 or 9995) 

Understanding the differences between a cast bar, a minted bar and a coin;

● Cast bars will typically be the more economical as it’s cast by pouring and setting into a mould. They will have the stamp of the manufacturer as well as the weight and purity (999 or 9995).

● A minted bar will have more detail in its presentation and manufacture. It will often (but not always) have a serial number and often (but not always) comes enclosed in a tamper proof case.

They cost more to manufacture and therefore cost more than if there were an equivalent in a cast bar the same size.● Coins are not dissimilar to minted bars in that they are minted with finer detail and nicer design and as a result will generally be more than a cast bar the same size. While all bullion can be seen as collectable by some customers, coins especially are common for collectors and there are a huge variety of different coins that are produced as a particular type each year/ run. 

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