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Sell Your Gold in the Right Way

As gold prices continue to rise, now is an ideal time to sell your gold items and get a good amount of cash. The most common places that people of Queensland go to sell gold are pawn shops and local jewellers. You might know about these sellers in person, but is it wise to sell your gold items just for this reason? What about the proper evaluation process that needs to be looked at? These are some basic questions you do not get answered at pawn shops.

Their evaluation process is doubtful and they do not consider the craftsmanship, embroidery and shape of your jewellery. Additionally, they do not perform satisfactory tests to check the purity of the gold. This can lead to a price which is far away from your estimation. 

The smart way to get a decent price is to sell gold at a bullion dealer in Queensland. Their price evaluations are made by the spot price of the gold. They have qualified and experienced staff who perform gold purity tests in front of you and keep the aesthetics of your items in mind before quoting a final price. This fair process satisfies and persuades you to sell your items with contentment.
You also get a chance to sell gold online. While dealing online, you get a safe and effortless experience of selling your gold items.

History of Gold

Gold has maintained its value for thousands of years. For most of history, gold was used as a form of currency, because it did not have the problems faced by paper, iron and other currencies. Gold has always been admired for its unique and pleasant appearance, unlike any metal. The ideal properties of gold, its resistance to erosion, malleability, and not losing its shine after processing have played a role in its worldwide demand and acceptance. 

Unlike other investments, gold does not rapidly lose worth, is easy to sell and continues to skyrocket its price. It can be proved by looking at the gold price of the past fifty years. Therefore, investors have always opted to buy gold as a safe asset. Today, gold can prove itself to be a hedge against inflation, which has not been worse for decades. With increasing geopolitical instability, gold will help the general masses in worse economic situations.

Value of Gold in Jewellery, Coins, and Bars

Value of Gold in Jewellery

Women have worn jewellery in most of the past civilisations. Even today, several ladies and supermodels wear jewellery to beautify themselves. Jewellery comes in many forms, such as rings, pendants, bracelets, and watches. On the other hand, men wear their share in the form of cufflinks and gold watches. Most of this jewellery is made from gold, a prominent element of these items.

The gold content in jewellery ranges from 18 carats to 24 carats, signifying the gold content in it. The lower you move on this scale, the more impurities you find in the gold jewellery. A 24-carat jewellery contains 99.9% gold — showing maximum purity. A 22-carat gold has a lesser purity, and similarly, 18-carat jewellery has a purity of 75%. As the buyers only pay for pure gold content, 18-carat gold jewellery would be sold for a much smaller price in comparison with 24-carat gold jewellery of the same weight. 

Value of Gold in Gold Coins

Gold coins in the distant past were used as a form of currency. Because gold is non-corrosive it was preferred over other forms of currencies.

Gold coins have not lost their prominence to this day. The general public still admires them for their properties and likes to keep them as collectables, memorials, and re-saleable assets in the future.

Over the past decades, minted gold coins have gained popularity. Many private and state-owned companies started making these beautiful gold coins with their trademarks engraved on both sides. These minted coins are valued for their gold purity. They are generally 22-carat or 24-carat in gold purity.

Most minted gold coins, like the renowned Canadian Maple Leaf and the Australian Nugget, have a gold purity of 99.99%. Before selling these gold coins, make sure you understand their purity. This will assist you in a pre-evaluation of your asset.

Keeping gold in this form is a very suitable option for investors. They can invest their money in gold over other options that do not guarantee such security. Investing in gold in the form of gold coins is a very reasonable option for investors in Queensland.

Value of Gold in Gold Bars

Gold bars come in two forms, the casted gold bars and the minted gold bars. There has always been a great market price and demand for them. Just like gold coins, gold bars have a higher gold content and can even surpass gold coins in terms of purity.

Many bullion firms have been producing gold bars with their names pressed on them. This grabs several buyers and becomes an exciting opportunity for them. Customers can trust the gold purity mentioned by these companies because of their processing and manufacturing, which is very advanced and incorporates the latest techniques of purity assessment.

Gold bars are valued for their higher gold content. They can be secured and transported with ease and have global acceptance. Investors find gold bars safe and exciting prospects for these reasons. For the buyers and investors in Queensland, such a sound investment in gold is advised to help them in this unstable global market.

Steps for Selling Gold and Transparency

The first thing you need to do is make sure you know the purity of your gold items. Gold jewellery has variable gold content, whereas gold coins and bars have a constant purity. It’s safe and ideal to consider a gold quality test from a gold laboratory before selling your gold items. Secondly, refrain from selling gold to pawn shops and try to look for renowned bullion dealers in your area to get a valuable deal. At last, confirm the transparency policy of the buyer.

In a populated state like Queensland, it can be difficult to find such trusted dealers.

Imperial Bullion is a perfect place to sell your gold items at a decent price. We emphasise transparency and believe our customers are entitled to this approach. We avoid private inspection of gold that keeps you in the dark.

We try to gain the maximum trust of our customers. Our qualified team performs gold quality tests in front of you and considers the aesthetics and embroidery of your gold items. We make a final evaluation with the above-mentioned steps and the spot price of the gold. Finally, you get a desirable sum from us.

Get in touch with our team via phone call or email. You can visit our outlets or visit our website to get a free quote for your gold.

How It Works

Check the current live and spot prices

We recommend checking the current live and spot prices before visiting us so that you can determine if this is the right time to sell. You can view the current prices on our live pricing page.

Visit us for an obligation-free appraisal

Book an appointment or visit us at any of our locations for an appraisal by our friendly team. Please ensure that you have a valid ID such as a driver’s license or passport as we are required to document the ID of anyone selling to us as per the Second Hand Dealer Regulations.

Get your items tested

Using the highest quality gold and silver x-ray testing equipment, our friendly team will test the purity of the metal. If your item contains any precious gemstones, we can also evaluate the weight and quality of them.

Confirmation of sell price and payment

After testing, a sell price will be determined in accordance with our advertised price. Our preferred process for payment is ‘cash in store’, alternatively we are able to process a bank transfer to your nominated account.
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