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Buy Silver Hamilton

Buying Silver Bullion in the Queensland Suburb of Hamilton where we have our state-of-the-art head office.

State-of-the-art Head Office

Imperial Bullion has its state-of-the-art Head Office in Hamilton, a beautiful suburb in Queensland. We have a lovely building with advanced facilities to perform corporate tasks. The riverside definitely gives a serene atmosphere for the visiting customers.

Range of Silver Bullion

You get a wide range of silver bullion in different forms such as silver cast bars, silver mint bars, and silver lunar mint coins. We offer various weights; grams, Oz, and kilos to create more buying options for you.

Purchase and Payment Methods

With quality suggestions for our team, you get an ideal purchase of the right bullion. We accept payments via Debit Cards and Credit Cards along with cash payments.

Satisfying Customer Experience

The customers had a blissful and friendly experience while buying from us.
“Lovely customer service. Always been easy to do business with.”
“Great staff and fantastic service, very knowledgeable on their product.”