A Comprehensive Guide On Selling Gold Bars

Gold is sold in many forms like jewellery, coins, rings and more. One of the most popular selling forms of this precious metal is a gold bar. Unlike other forms of gold, a gold bar has a higher purity that reaches up to 99.99%. This makes it a valuable investment because it is free of alloy metals and stones. Therefore, it represents the actual gold content and makes it a stable investment which maintains its value for a long period. Most of the dominant investors prefer to buy gold bars on these grounds.

Things To Consider As a Seller

As a seller, the first thing you should do is to find out the latest price of gold in this fluctuating market. After getting this, you can make a better price assessment of your gold bar. The next step is to look for the best buyers in their city or state. Even if the gold bars are highly pure, it can still be a hectic task to sell them at a decent price in a big state like Queensland where there are thousands of individual buyers, shop buyers, and bullion dealers.

One must choose the best-selling option among this plethora of options. While you may consider selling gold bars to individual buyers and local pawn shops, you must realise their evaluation process. Most of these buyers will not consider the important aspects of your gold bar such as the purity and brand. Consequently, they will offer a small price because they will further look to resale your bar for big bucks. You might get quick cash from them but not at a fair price. Whatever you do, stay away from the aforementioned buyers.

Bullion dealers are the best market option for a good sale. Sellers must hunt for verified bullion dealers in the state of Queensland. Established bullion dealers have a substantially fair evaluation. They consider the latest market price and demand, hallmarks, a buy-sell spread, and the purity of the bullion.

Such dealers have a lower overhead, which further improves their quoted price. You can book an online appointment or visit their stores to get an idea of their price and make your decision.

Various Gold Bar Sizes and Their Values

Gold bars come in two forms; cast gold bars and mint gold bars. The cast bars are made in a simple process which involves melting gold and cooling the liquid on a mount. The mint bars, on the other hand, go through a more sophisticated process to achieve a shiny and aesthetic look.

Weights of Our Mint Gold Bars

We offer the gold cast bars in ounces. These bars are available in 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 20oz, and 50oz. (Where One troy ounce equals 31.1 grams)

Gold cast bars are usually bought as resaleable assets.

Weights of Our Gold Cast Bars

We offer the gold cast bars in ounces. These bars are available in 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 20oz, and 50oz. (Where One troy ounce equals 31.1 grams)

Gold cast bars are usually bought as resaleable assets.

Ensuring a Safe Selling Process

After confirming the gold bar prices, you need to look for a well-established bullion dealer in Queensland, who can ensure a decent sale of your product. You need to contact them on the phone and book an appointment. Ask them some questions for a better understanding of their purchase and security. You should take a look at the online reviews and recommendations about the specific dealers.

Imperial Bullion is an indispensable dealer in buying and selling precious metals, a brilliant option for the people of Queensland, where we have leading stores at Carindale, Hamilton, Chermside, and Toowoomba.

We follow the latest metrics to evaluate your gold bars. You will see a fair processing where your gold bar will be analysed for its gold content, purity, and brand. You get paid even more if the gold bar is shiny and perfect in shape. We assure you that you get a price which is near the base price. Feel free to ask any relevant questions to our team regarding our pricing and processing of gold bars.

Our 24/7 surveillance should keep you at peace at the outlet. As for the payment, rest easy as we offer a very secure way of payment. We provide online payments to customers for a protected cash transfer.

We guarantee that you will not find better alternatives than Imperial Bullion in Queensland. Our impeccable service is bound to satisfy you. Our purchasing policy and process with security make things much easier for you. You get to have a pleasing and highly profitable experience with us. We develop a close relationship with our customers and look forward to doing business with them for a long time.

Visit our outlet today or get in touch online with our team to get a free quote for your gold bars and get a profitable sale of your gold bars.

How It Works

Check the current live and spot prices

We recommend checking the current live and spot prices before visiting us so that you can determine if this is the right time to sell. You can view the current prices on our live pricing page.

Visit us for an obligation-free appraisal

Book an appointment or visit us at any of our locations for an appraisal by our friendly team. Please ensure that you have a valid ID such as a driver’s license or passport as we are required to document the ID of anyone selling to us as per the Second Hand Dealer Regulations.

Get your items tested

Using the highest quality gold and silver x-ray testing equipment, our friendly team will test the purity of the metal. If your item contains any precious gemstones, we can also evaluate the weight and quality of them.

Confirmation of sell price and payment

After testing, a sell price will be determined in accordance with our advertised price. Our preferred process for payment is ‘cash in store’, alternatively we are able to process a bank transfer to your nominated account.
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