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Buy Gold Carindale

Buying Gold Bullion in the Queensland Suburb of Carindale where we have a store at the Westfield.

A Lively Location

Our store at Carindale is in an established suburb of Westfield, Queensland. Carindale is home to one of the largest shopping centres in Brisbane and offers a lively atmosphere for customers to shop.

Types of available Gold Bullion

You get to choose gold bullion available in many categories, which are mint gold bars, cast gold bars and mint lunar gold coins. We offer these items in different weights; grams, Oz, and kilos to make sure you get enough options.

Satisfactory Purchase and Payments

Our team at Imperial Bullion will give you honest suggestions to buy ideal products. We accept digital payments through Debit Cards and Credit Cards along with cash payments.

Pleasant Customer Experience

Our services have always left a smile on the customer’s face.
“Top place. Good merchandise at an outstanding price. Fantastic customer service.”
“I regularly purchase from Imperial Bullion as they are very trustworthy. The staff are fantastic. Will always be a returning customer.”