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Sell Silver in Queensland

How Silver Still Holds a Value

Over the ages, silver has maintained its prominence and continues to do so. The old governments and empires valued silver and used it majorly as a currency. Other than this, silver found its use in jewellery and artefacts because of its precious metal features. Today, silver is valued for its conductivity, ductility, and malleability in the electric industry sector.

For all its qualities, silver maintains a stable market value. Just like gold, silver is immune to drastic price changes. Its price is dependent on the global supply and demand. In a world, where many investments fail to hold their price, silver provides a safe investment option. As the world keeps on facing worse economic conditions and inflation keeps increasing, silver proves to be a haven. Silver has a busy market and can be sold with ease. These qualities urge investors to buy silver and guarantee themselves a safe asset.

If you are thinking of selling your silver in Queensland, you should consider this guide. First, look at the available shops and dealers in the market. You should also know the spot price of silver and make an informal estimation of your silver items.

Most of the sellers move to pawn shops and individual buyers to sell silver. Individual buyers should be the last place you should consider because they do not assure you the quality and quantity assessments of your silver items. They do not even consider the spot price of silver to maximise their profits. While this option looks comfortable, you should avoid it.

The second option is a local pawn shop. The pawn shop dealers do not conduct a very satisfying approach in their evaluation. Most of them perform simple acid tests to confirm the quality of precious metals that is very outdated. In addition, they do not value the craftsmanship, embroidery, numismatic, and brand value.

They only value your items for their silver content. Consequently, you get a significantly lower amount from them. Therefore, it is not recommended to sell out your valuable items to such buyers. Pawn shops are only recommended when you plan to sell scrap metals.

Your last option is to sell to a bullion dealer. It won’t be easy to find a reputable bullion dealer, because there are very few of them here in Queensland. Bullion dealers use the latest examination techniques to evaluate your silver items. They proceed with their evaluation right in front of you.

Their experts also consider additional qualities like aesthetics, rarity and brand of your silver items. Finally, they use the spot price as a reference and quote you a price close to your expectations. Bullion dealers offer you these benefits over individual buyers and pawn shops. For these reasons, it is advised to sell any of your silver items apart from scrap metals to a bullion dealer.

Value of Silver in Jewellery, Coins, and Bar

Value of Silver in Jewellery

Silver jewellery is quite common. Silver is a main component of different forms of jewellery like rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and so on. Silver is often mixed with other metals like nickel and bronze to make the jewellery tough and durable. Silvery jewellery has an average purity of 92.5%. This makes its sale quite comfortable as you will be getting a price that is close to what you get for maximum silver purity.

Value of Silver in Coins

Silver coins have always been in demand for their rarity, historical, and price value. Most of the coins of the past were used as currency and were incorporated with other metals for durability, they were not fully pure. Over the past decades, bullion coins have gained more prominence. These coins are more suitable for investors because they have a 99.99% purity and can be sold for full silver value. Some mint coins can be sold for a fortune because of their rarity.

Value of Silver in Bars

Silver bars are a form of bullion. These come in two forms, cast silver bars that are a little rough in appearance and mint silver bars that come in a uniform brick-like shape and are very shiny. Both of these bars contain up to 99.99% purity and just like mint silver coins they can be sold for pure silver price. Investors generally prefer silver bars to any other silver form. Rare mint silver bars can sell for a lot more because of their uniqueness.

Steps for Selling Silver in any Form

In Queensland, it can be very hard to find the right buyers and as stated earlier, the best option for you to sell silver items is at a bullion dealer. You are advised to do some research on these sellers and opt for the most trusted buyers. At the same time, commence by looking at online reviews and recommendations for specific sellers. These reviews can help you in choosing the right buyer.

Next, you need to visit their outlets and ask them to state a price for your items. A reputable bullion dealer will make a sound evaluation by using the latest assessment techniques in front of you. If a buyer is open to discussing the procedures with you, considers the spot price and offers you a good amount of money, you should sell items to them.

Trust and Authority Matters

Imperial Bullion is a leading bullion dealer in the state of Queensland. We are known for the professionalism and quality we offer. We have four exciting stores, one each in Chermside, Carindale, Hamilton, and Toowoomba. We offer an ideal opportunity for the people of Queensland who want to have a swift sale and purchase of precious metals.

Our team has one of the best professionals in the industry. We take care of all the necessary steps in your silver items evaluation to make sure you get a fair price. Our team incorporates the most sophisticated silver examination techniques like X-Ray Fluorescence (XRT), UV-rays, and digital weighing balance to confirm the right weights and quality of silver.

The numismatic value of jewellery, coins, and bars is appreciated by Imperial Bullion. All these quantitative and qualitative assays are performed right in front of you for transparency and verification. While quoting the final price, we consider the spot price of silver. With such a thorough approach, the sellers get a quote near the retail price of the silver items.

Visit our nearest store right now to ensure a swift sale of your silver items. Get in touch with us via phone, email or our website to get a free quote.

How It Works

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We recommend checking the current live and spot prices before visiting us so that you can determine if this is the right time to sell. You can view the current prices on our live pricing page.

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Book an appointment or visit us at any of our locations for an appraisal by our friendly team. Please ensure that you have a valid ID such as a driver’s license or passport as we are required to document the ID of anyone selling to us as per the Second Hand Dealer Regulations.

Get your items tested

Using the highest quality gold and silver x-ray testing equipment, our friendly team will test the purity of the metal. If your item contains any precious gemstones, we can also evaluate the weight and quality of them.

Confirmation of sell price and payment

After testing, a sell price will be determined in accordance with our advertised price. Our preferred process for payment is ‘cash in store’, alternatively we are able to process a bank transfer to your nominated account.