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Comprehensive Information on Selling Silver Bars

How Silver can be More Valuable

Silver is a precious metal known for its unique properties like shine, conductivity, and malleability. In past civilisations, silver served as currency, jewellery, and ornament. Even today, silver appeals to buyers, especially in a big state like Queensland and is traded in the form of coins, bars and jewellery.

Like gold, silver has a very stable market and does not lose its value over time. However, due to its lower price than gold, silver provides more opportunities for investors to buy. For the same price, you can buy more silver in comparison to gold. In a struggling global economy, silver can be a valuable asset for you in the future.

Types of Silver Bars

One of the most in-demand forms of silver is a silver bar. Silver bars come in two major types, silver cast bars and mint silver bars. These bars are bullions therefore, they have a purity close to 99.99%. Silver cast bars are made from melting silver and removing its impurities to make it pure. The melted liquid is then added to a mount and allowed to cool. This gives a rough and non-shiny appearance to these bars. On the other hand, mint silver bars are mounted on a brick-shaped mound which gives it a better finish. In the last process of manufacture, mint silver bars are pressed to give them a more uniform shape and the bullion trademark. 

The Right Way To Sell Silver Bars

Selling silver bars in Queensland can be a tough gig. If you plan to sell your silver bars, firstly, you need to know the right weight and purity of your bars. You should also know the latest price of silver to have an expected value of your bars. After this, you need to look for the ideal buyers.

While pawn shops are more common in Queensland, they do not offer a handsome sum for your silver bars. This is because their evaluation is entirely based on the silver content. They do not consider the mint company and the rarity of silver bars. So, it is wiser not to sell them.

A trusted and reputable bullion dealer can be the ideal place to sell your silver coins. Such dealers consider many things like quality, quantity, rarity, and craftsmanship of your silver bars into account before presenting an offer. This will lead to a more justified evaluation of your silver bars. `for these reasons, it is recommended to sell silver bars to a verified bullion dealer.

Silver Bar Sizes and Their Market Values

Different bullion manufacturers sell silver bars in numerous weights and sizes. Our brand offers the silver bars in standard sizes. The following is the weight range of silver bars that we offer:

Weights of Silver Bar in Ounce

We offer the silver bars in 1oz, 10oz, and 100oz. (Where One troy ounce equals 31.1 grams). Our different range improves your buying and investment options.

Weights of Silver Bars in Grams

Our silver bars come in 500g, 1kg, and 5kg. This gives a great opportunity to buy the right size of bar according to your investment.


Guidance on the Selling Process Including Authentication

Because silver bars are highly valuable, considerable care should be taken while selling them out. As discussed earlier, it is wise to sell your silver bars to a reputable bullion dealer. In a vast state like Queensland, it may take some time, you should look around to find the best stores and websites of bullion dealers. Make your final decision after looking at reviews and recommendations from customers.

After you have found such a buyer, visit their store and get a price quotation. Closely look at their proceedings before they make a price evaluation. If they perform the latest qualitative and quantitative tests on the silver bars and are non-transparent in their approach, then you can trust them. At last, when they give you a selling price, you should consider the spot price of silver and make an evaluation. If their stated price is close to this spot/retail price of silver then you should sell your silver bars to them.

Why Choose Imperial Bullion

Imperial Bullion is a renowned bullion dealer in Australia. We provide a great opportunity for the people of Queensland to sell their silver bars. We have four amazing outlets for you to shop from. One of our outlets is in Chermside, one in Carindale, one in Hamilton, and one in Toowoomba. Additionally, we have a well-reputed online store for online sales and purchase of precious metals.

Our team adopts a thorough process in the evaluation of silver bars. Our experts use a digital weighing machine for the quantification of the items. Unlike a simple acid test, we use the latest detection techniques like X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and UV-rays. This helps in the authentic testing of silver quality. We also consider the numismatic, aesthetic, and mint brand of your silver bars. The spot price of silver is used as a reference before making a final price evaluation.

All of these steps are performed right in front of you. We do this because we want to be 100% transparent with our customers. This helps us maintain our authenticity. Finally, we quote a final price very close to your expectations.

Visit our nearest stores today and get a free quote for your silver bars. You can also contact us via phone, email or visit our online store to start dealing with us.

How It Works

Check the current live and spot prices

We recommend checking the current live and spot prices before visiting us so that you can determine if this is the right time to sell. You can view the current prices on our live pricing page.

Visit us for an obligation-free appraisal

Book an appointment or visit us at any of our locations for an appraisal by our friendly team. Please ensure that you have a valid ID such as a driver’s license or passport as we are required to document the ID of anyone selling to us as per the Second Hand Dealer Regulations.

Get your items tested

Using the highest quality gold and silver x-ray testing equipment, our friendly team will test the purity of the metal. If your item contains any precious gemstones, we can also evaluate the weight and quality of them.

Confirmation of sell price and payment

After testing, a sell price will be determined in accordance with our advertised price. Our preferred process for payment is ‘cash in store’, alternatively we are able to process a bank transfer to your nominated account.