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How Do I Know It’s Real and Will It Come With a Certificate?

Posted on April 18, 2023

Some products may come with a serial number, however that is not necessarily an indication of authenticity alone. Imperial Bullion is a Perth Mint Distributor so what we buy directly from them as a trusted provider and they are heavily regulated. We also from time to time get other stock directly from other manufacturers, who are also trusted providers.

When it comes to buying from a customer, there is a rigorous testing process we will go through to ensure what we are buying is genuine. These include various different testing machines, which are state of the art and magnet testing to ensure its purity. Gold and Silver (especially gold) are very heavy metals, which also come in a certain size for the weight. The difference with knock offs is it may be the weight it says but the size will be different to achieve the volume, instead of the high standard of gold you can purchase from Imperial Bullion.

So don’t be caught out, ask any of our friendly and experienced staff how best to help you with your precious metals today.

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